NetMarble has released Arcane Saga

NetMarble has released Arcane Saga, the fantasy MMORPG once known as Prius Online. The game is set on Prius, a planet cursed by Rashard, the king of all gods, for its creator's defiance. Prius now awaits a foretold hero, the Xenor, to rise up and free the world from the foreboding Rashard's grip. To become the Xenor, players will have to prove themselves worthy.

In addition this time the game is going to be available on Steam, and players who access the game through the popular gaming platform can purchase exclusive item packages including the Level Up, Beginner's and Ultimate Xenor packs.

"After gathering extensive fan feedback from the beta test, we made additional improvements and balancing adjustments to optimize Arcane Saga Online for today's launch," said Joe Kim, head project manager, "We're proud of the polished world we've created, and we hope players enjoy playing Arcane Saga Online as much as we have enjoyed developing the game."

Source of information: NetMarble press release

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