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Developed by HanbitSoft, INC. and Joyimpact Co. for Windows.


NeoSteam is a free massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a unique steampunk reality, a reality where electricity was never discovered and instead, power comes from NeoSteam… You will be transported into a highly interactive world quite different from our own. Complete quests, harness the raw power of NeoSteam, learn skills, find new friends and battle against other players.


The NeoSteam Receivers on Rope Isle enabled each continent to rebuild their cities. One thousand years had passed since the vortex tore Repran asunder, and NeoSteam is now a precious and limited resource. Each nation’s survival depends on retaining control of the Receivers of Rope Isle. War rages. The accelerating pace of technology calls for more and more NeoSteam power. Heroes from each nation stand against each other on the battlefield - for honor and for control of the NeoSteam on Rope Isle. Treaties limiting fighting to agreed areas are not always observed and even when they are, the battles are bloody.

You must join the others of your nation. Heed the call and become a hero. Harness the power of NeoSteam and become the master of your fate. Your nation and your future depend on you.


There are many skills that you can learn. One could hone powerful battle skills, learn to cast magic spells or improve the statistics of your in-game character. You can train a pet to support you in battle, tame or learn to summon a monster, even learn to collect raw materials from the environment and build your own NeoSteam machines. These machines can then be used to upgrade items and assist you in battle.

Train a pet to aid you in battle, learn to tame or summon monsters, or learn how to collect raw materials from the environment. You can also build your own NeoSteam machines and use them to upgrade items or assist you in battle.


The four Jobs available at the start of the game are Fighter, Mage, Crafter, and Rogue. They are available to all races, though some races are better suited for jobs than others. Upon reaching a certain level, players will have the opportunity to complete a quest to specialise. The specialisation that your character ultimately receives depends entirely on your initial nation and the job choices that you make.


There are seven different races available to you in NeoSteam, though not all races are represented by each nation.

Humans are extremely sociable beings who adapt well to whatever situation they find themselves in. Their communication skills allows them to consistently negotiate lower prices from vendors and their physical build makes them extremely strong. Humans can move quickly, have an increased attack speed and are highly intelligent. Though many jobs are open to humans, they are best suited to being rogues and mages.

Elves are known for their extreme beauty and their fierce intelligence. Elves’ affinity with the magical forces of the world allows them to blend somewhat into their surroundings. Because of this, monsters are less likely to attack - an elf even can learn the ability to become temporarily invisible. Elves make the strongest mages in the NeoSteam world but are also rather suited to becoming rogues.

Poms might look like innocent dwarves but their technical affinity is without compare. Poms are inquisitive beings, always exploring and building new things. Poms are so skilled at learning, that they can use all items a full five levels earlier than any other race. Naturally, Poms are born crafters and are best suited to this job class.

Taxzn Human
Human representatives from the Taxzn Alliance; Taxzn humans are as sociable and adaptable as their Rogwel and Elerd counterparts. The Taxzn Alliance has largely held itself out of the battles between the Rogwel and the Elerd, although some are suspicious of their continued presence. Taxzn Humans are also able to obtain items from vendors for lower than average prices and are as quick on their feet as other Humans. The Taxzn Humans, however, tend to be guarded and secretive and do not have a good affinity with magic. Taxzn Humans are predominantly suited to becoming rogues.

Beastkind: Luife, Lyell, Taroon
Each of the three races of Beastkind all have similar traits, though their appearance differs according to whether they are Luife, Lyell, or Taroon. All Beastkind races are strong and brave adventurers, continually seeking the most difficult quests. The Luife are only found in the Rogwel Republic and the Taroon are only found in the Elerd kingdom. The Beastkind’s sheer physical strength and their ability to quickly regain health make them particularly good fighters.


NeoSteam is the source of all mechanical power and forms the basis of all technological advances in the NeoSteam world. NeoSteam is collected in receivers on Rope Isle and is itself a bluish liquid and can be easily transported in special, airtight NeoSteam tanks. NeoSteam is an important energy source for developing the character’s skills. Once you have harnessed the power of NeoSteam, it will form the core of your gameplay.

NeoSteam can be carried in a specially equipped tank which can be obtained from a Tool Shop.


OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium 3 800 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 2.9 GB
Graphics Card: GeForce 4 MX 64mb

Website: Neo Steam

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