¡Navy Field 2 is now live!

NEXON Europe launched its free-to-play massively multiplayer naval real-time strategy game Navy Field 2 and to celebrate it has begun several special events.

Players can enlist in Navy Field 2 today to enjoy the exciting RTS set on the seas of World War 1 and World War 2, in which up to 64 players can battle for domination of the seas. Players can wage war in any ship from submarines to aircraft carriers, each customizable right down to the crew, and are fully realized through the impressive graphics of the Gamebryo engine.

In the first of these events the new recruits of the game will get 1000 NX cash when they reach level 5. The event will last from 2nd May to 15th May.

The second will reward the veteran players who have participated in Navy Field 2 beta and have supported the game since its inception, with new NX items that will appear on their account. Players can find their new items for their top levelled character in the Event Menu.

Source of information: NEXON Europe press release.

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