Myth War II: The hunt for ‘Red November’

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A new PVP Brawl Tournament will arrive here in Myth War II this month. That’s why it earns the nickname “Red November”. Dedicated PKers will soon be having the time of their lives. If you think you’ve got what it takes to go toe-to-toe against the best fighters in the game, put your reputation on the line and enter this deadly tournament. The prized “King of PVP” title is up for grabs, so take your best shot, if you dare!
Visit the Myth War II forum to register for this special event. A complete list of participants and a detailed event schedule will be available on the official site. Get your name on the list before it’s too late.
The tournament consists of single-round elimination solo PVP. As it progresses, each competitor’s match status will be updated on the official site. Champions will be awarded a Deity Beast, plus tons of gold and EXP. The Myth War II team also has a 3-day publicity blitz planned for winners both in-game and on the official site.

For details, check out the official website.


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