The Mystic arrives to C9 – Continent of the Ninth Seal

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WEBZEN has unleashed the Mystic, a new basic class for its dungeon-based MMORPG C9 - Continent of the Ninth Seal, which will be available for all players who have the game’s fourth expansion. The Mystic is a melee fighter armed with a mighty hammer, that can perform powerful omnidirectional attacks and hit multiple enemies at the same time.

This class will receive an advanced form in the last part of C9’s massive content update which is scheduled to be released next month.

War erupted twice between the two opposing gods, the divine Akene and evil Rahkdan. After winning the first Genesis War, Akene asked Lugirae, the god of water, to create a river of life that flowed through the Heavens, Netherworld, and Glenheim. It slowly regenerated the three worlds, restoring what was destroyed. Akene was pleased with Lugirae's work and used a portion of her essence to create a new race of beings. She created a home for them, a lush island paradise called Helix, far from any other land. The goddess then assigned her new children to be keepers of all magic. This was the beginning of the MYSTICS, a mysterious group of heroines who live in seclusion, following the ebb and flow of divine magic.

C9 mystic RW2

C9 mystic RW1  C9 mystic RW3

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Source of information: Webzen press release


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