MXM Going into Closed Beta on April 6

Master X Master - news

It’s been a while since we’ve had this much to share for MXM, so why don’t you just have a quick seat. Ok, ready? Well – first and foremost, we’ll be opening up MXM to the public for a closed beta test. It’ll run from April 6 through April 27, ahead of the game’s summer launch!

But there’s more… out of the blue sky comes a new Master…one who players can turn to in times of darkness, when all seems lost: a beacon of hope…a bastion of justice…a Paragon of virtue! And that’s because Statesman, from City of Heroes, is the latest addition to MXM’s roster! Statesman is a melee juggernaut with a kit specializing in damage mitigation. Dull Pain and Flying Haymaker make him an immovable object, while Zeus’s Bolts and Foot Stomp make him an unstoppable force. His ultimate, Heroism, lasts for eight seconds, massively boosts his mobility and range, and augments his other skills as well. If you need a strong pusher in Titan Ruins, tag in Statesman, the pride of Paragon City!


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