Mutas Shrine, a new instance for Dragon’s Call




EverDream Studio has unveiled information about a high level instance for elite players of Dragon's Call, including some eye-catching snakeman figures. After a long time waiting and urged by dozens of hardcore players, this new instance update is finally arriving. "We never expected our players were able to level up this fast, “said Chief Marketing Officer, Torrez, "but luckily our new update is coming soon which relieves us a bit."
The new instance for heroic Dragon's Call players, named "Mutas Shrine", has just unleashed its charm. Besides the mysterious gorgeous sea scene to explore and the intriguing backstory to read, players have more interesting targets to chase, for example, the sexy snakewoman. Oh, forgot to tell, it's actually one of the monsters in the new instance, with the epic(sexy?) name, Mutas Judge.

"Located in the Glazed Sea, Twilight Islands are the most mysterious place. Hundreds of years ago, a gang of snakemen assembled there to worship Python Mutas. Taking it as their God, they created a religion called Mutas Sect. In the recent 100 years, incited by religious archon Immortal Oro who pursues more interests and a greater ambition, fanatical followers have no longer reconciled to stay in Twilight Islands. They thirst for consecrating more blood and lives to their Python God so as to gain stronger power and govern all creatures on the continent. Their first step is to destroy Glazed Isle. Now a disaster is going to befall the Glazed Isle habitants, but they are unaware of it at all."

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