Murans’ Awakening expansion for Flyff in Autumn



gPotato Europe has announced that the next expansion of Flyff will be coming to European servers this autumn. Entitled Act VII: Muran’s Awakening, the expansion brings a whole host of new content to to Madrigal.

"It is a time of peace. Scout troops have been sent out to all corners of the world to report on any unusual happenings which, thankfully, are few and far between. Everything seemed normal and quiet until, during a routine trip, one troop in the north of Harmonin reported a strange new breed of creature, never before seen. Called Murans, they look wild and fierce but appear to be friendly. But, with no way to communicate with the new race their intentions remain a mystery. Who are they? What do they want? Act VII: Murans Awakening gives players the chance to uncover the mystery..."

The new expansion implements a brand new area that can be discovered by all adventurers, as well as two brand new dungeonsfor high level players who will have to face terrifying monsters that haveunbelievable strengths. Therefore, players will be able to become more powerful as the level cap will be raised to 140.

In addition to all the those features mentioned above, Act VII: Murans Awakening will also bring an improved version of the guild room to allow the heroes to rest after an exhausting fight, as well as new amour, new monsters, a brand new map and many more features exclusive to Act VII: Murans Awakening.

Check here all you need to know about Flyff. And visit its official website.

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