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Developed by Star Vault for Windows.




Q4 2009 - Q1 2010


Mortal Online is a next generation PC MMORPG both in terms of graphics and gameplay. There are no PvP zones, only an open realistic world where you are free to choose your own path. Experience true real-time combat where you decide every move your character makes and where your personal skill really matters. It will primarily be an RPG game, with core sandbox mechanisms to allow a lot of freedom to players. The game has no level/class system, but rather a skill based system. Players will be measured heavily on their skill as well as the skills they've chosen to train on their character. Players can have multiple characters per account, and all characters on a specific account share a soul called a Deva which binds the characters and their actions.


Classes in Mortal Online will work rather different than in most other MMORPG’s. You don’t begin the game as a specific Class, although you may choose from different presets to get some help along the way to become one. Classes are managed by special Guilds in the game (meaning “traditional” labor- or profession-guilds like merchant-guilds, blacksmith-guilds, thief-guilds and so on) where you have to apply and get accepted to get the specific Class-title. (You may choose whether to show the title publically or not).


Thieves, traitors, beasts. The fear of the Thursar (half orcs) has brought them many undesirable names. As sons and daughters of the unspeakable crimes committed in the wake of a war, the half orcs' life stories are often stained by tragedies.

The Tindremenes are renowned for their history as conquerors. Before the Conflux the Tindremic Empire dominated large parts of the known world, with outposts in each and every corner of the realm.

Life on the Myrland steppe also affects its human children, the Khurites. The Khurites are among the best riders in the world, and the horse and mammoth play important roles in their culture and society. The Khurites don’t regard themselves as one people instead the difference between the various tribes and one’s ancestry is important.








The balance of Mortal Online's open-PvP relies heavily on its flagging system. Each player and NPC (Non-Player Characters, Creatures etc) in the game has a flag (color) that is visible to you when you highlight or target them. The color will tell you some basic facts about that player, for instance if it's "ok" to attack him/her or not, although you will never be forbidden to do so by the system. You too have a flag of course, visible to yourself at all times.

Getting to know the basics of the flagging system is easy when playing the game, but unfortunately rather complex to describe. However, when you first start playing, all you need to know is:

- Neutral/Blue players are innocent (well, as innocent as they get) and it's not ok for you to damage them. You may not steal from them, cast suspicious spells or poison them. If you do so, you become Allowed/Grey. Kill enough of them and you will eventually be flagged as a Murderer/Red.

- Allowed/Gray players have behaved badly in some way against you or someone else in the last few minutes, meaning you can attack them without becoming Grey for everybody else. But remember, if you attack them first, they have the right to attack you back! (Meaning they see you as Grey.)

- Murderers/Red players have committed several murders, and you better look out for them. You can attack them without turning Grey for everybody else, but if you attack first, they have the right to attack you back! (Meaning they see you as Grey.)


Character skills are very important in Mortal Online, as it is your skills and not any "character level" that define what you can and cannot do in the game. The skill system itself is very dynamic, meaning attributes and skills are dependent on each other, and that training one of them also improves the other. It also gives you the opportunity to fully customize your character.

- Basic Attributes contains your Name, the Name of your Deva, Race, Sex, etc. Most of these attributes are permanent or at least won’t change very often.

- Primary Attributes are attributes such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc. These are the attributes that define the core of your character and gives you the possibility to train certain skills, and limits to what extent you can train others.

- Secondary Attributes are attributes that are calculated from other attributes, like Health, Mana, Stamina, Movement, etc. Skills may also affect these attributes.

- Primary Skills; the Primary Skills are the most basic skills in the game and also the foundation for the rest of the skill tree. All characters have these skills from the start, but it’s up to you which of them to train.

- Secondary skills; The Secondary Skills are the bulk of the skill tree. They are of a vast number of skills that are connected to each other in a very complex network. Secondary Skills have to be discovered and learned in the game by books, tutoring and/or to a lesser extent by other means like magic or achievements.

- Learning skills; A Learning Skill is passively trained by “reading a book” or “studying it mentally”.

- Deva skills; Some of the Secondary Skills are tagged as Deva Skills. (The Deva is the player's “shared soul” that connects all the player's characters on his/her account.) When a Deva Skill is trained, all the player's characters will benefit from that training.


Mortal's store.


Minimum configuration (1024x768, detail reduced)
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz or equivalent
Video card: ATI Radeon 9800/nVidia GeForce 6600
Video memory 256MB
Hard drive space: 5-25GB

Website: Mortal Online

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17 Comentarios de Mortal Online

  1. Susan

    Recently my boyfriend and I bought this game. We found it to be the worse purchase we have made in recent history. The interface was nonexistant, You cannot group and the graphics at best are low quality average. The game is way overpriced. We are both from the United States and it cost us 50.00. For a 50.00 game I expect a game of much higher quality. Even the characters were of a really amateur quality. The big game designers charge 50.00 for top end high quality games. Even if it had cost us 39.00 it would have been well under what I expect. 39.00 games are of higher quality. To be blunt free games online have alot more going for them. Save your money.

  2. preston

    susan, they made the trial so you dont buy something you dont want.

    interface problems > your computer
    graphics problems > your computer
    character quality > your computer
    alot is two words > a lot
    you could not bash the game please.

    this game is the right step MMOs need to be taking. more freedom!!! video games are many people way of escaping reality and having fun. you cant have fun when all the stuff you want to do is unavaliable for 50% of your play time.

    get the trial. its 14 days.

  3. Maaack

    Agreed… this “review” is so old and outdated they should just remove it from the site.

    I think the completed freedom of this game is it’s best attribute. The graphics are pleasing and the world is huge. Housing rocks!

  4. mara

    When I first played this I did what most of the new players do: run around, get killed by weasels, run out again, fall down some cliffs, lose all your stuff at the bottom of a river… get frustrated and play something else.
    It took me some tries to find out what to do and how to play MO, I had to learn that it’s a bad idea to run out into the wild without some armor and a sword. 😛
    Once I found some people that invited me to their group and that told me how to play MO started being fun!
    Don’t guit because of frustrating things like weasel-frags or PKs!
    Give this game some tries! look for a group/guild, learn how to play. And you will see that MO is the best MMORPG out there.
    When I’m playing another MMO now I really miss the feeling of “danger” out in the wild. Walking from A to B without the risk of being killed… how boring =)
    MO rocks!

  5. Branflakes

    I have been playing this since open beta and a couple months after release I got right back into it. Recently the Dawn expansion was released and messed up many things again, but in another month or so the game will run smooth as butter again 🙂

  6. frootloops

    This game has an interesting idea, but fails on all fronts! Anyone who thinks this game is good has prob never played a good mmo, or is a sociopath, and cant wait to kill everyone they can. I have played every mmo out there and got excited for this game but it truly sucks. Graphics are terrible, combat is terrible, and thats all the game really offers there is no story or and guidance what so ever. Unless you like to get killed by some dude over and over again dont bother with this crap. I am really surprised this game is still going, I feel it wont be long before its done, there is no way they can be making any money with this game. Complete rip off, this game wont even be saved by free to play, its that bad. But dont take my word for it try the free trial and I wont say i told you so.

  7. Waabishka

    I’ve been reading every review and every forum post I can handle about MO and I am not at all surprised at the number of people who simply “don’t get it.” Granted, I haven’t played MO yet but I certainly plan too. This title really speaks to me when it comes to style-of-play, it’s so much more like the classic Mudds of yesteryear. It’s total freedom in a game! Really, what more do you want? What really surprises me though is how people are simply not utilizing this freedom. Do you want quests and a story line? Write your own! Seriously! How hard is that to figure out and how fun is it to think about? Now that the “mailbox” has been implemented, why not utilize your little list of friends and write up some quests for your pals? There really are no limits if you just use that gray-matter in your skull.

    Written ideas can get passed around to no end, a creative player, a creative person, and a decent enough writer could write a string of quests laying out the basic story line of: their character, their native land, their friends, what they want/need to perform x task. If you want content that is not there, then sit down, use that brain of yours, and think of some. Hell, write the developers with a well constructed idea including suggestions for how to implement them and why they should consider it in the first place and you might just find yourself being a part of changing the world and view of the game.

    Be creative, take time to think for once and stop rage-quitting because you started playing a non-linear sandbox game in hopes of finding within it …. a linear jungle of treats and funhouses.

  8. gandarm

    Im trying it since 2 weeks and i have to say that this game is even if it have some bugs fantastc finally a game which is a bit like ultima onliene u die and u are a ghost have to search for healer. u dontz have these fucking quests u have full loot. if u are a pk u get stat lost when u die. everything can be crafted by players so its not like in other games where people make rates for month to get an op wapon and wont loose them when they die so its fair in pvp.u can built houses like in uo nice feature ive never seen in a game since uo. the crafting is rly interesiting and complex. u can have max 2 crafters or a blue a red and 1 crafter so u need to trade with other players. that forces u to join a guild and work together joining their ts and help each other out.
    everything can be taken over like citys and there are guidkeeps and some kind of towers which take over an area if ur guild is owning the area everybody with a house have to pay tax.

    it defenetly have still some probs with the intelligence from the monsters and ur horse get sometimes stuck but if u call a gm whe will respond in a minute never seen such a good support and when u look in patch notes its there priority for next patch to fix the intelligence the ui. if u are a pve guy ond not pvp dont buy it now a lot of dungeons are in the moment empty because they want to fix the intelligence of the monsters. if they bring out the patch it defietly will have more pve and the dungeons wiill be filled. even with the bugs its in my opinion the best mmo since ultima

  9. gandarm

    a and one last thing if u try it out prapare that the first 4 days are a bit boring because u have to train ur char the main skills he need and macro him overnight but when ur char is finished and u start make pvp the game makes lot of fun my mage was maxed out skills after 5 days so it wont take months (at least for the mage i play)

  10. Nernums

    It’s gone free to play now, but its still shit.

  11. Nick

    So how great could a mmo be that they didn’t even add a map that you can use in game. I mean how am I supposed to find anything?

    But if you manage to keep playing for 7 or 8 hours of dreadful nonexistent entertainment some random jerk will come up and attack you so they and take everything you’ve played 8 hours to get. But don’t run next to the guards because they’ll attack you to. Because you did something illegal.

    Apparently if you getting mugged by some jackass player you become a wanted fugitive. Again killing you so you lose EVERYTHING you’ve worked to get.

    I love the crafting system though and it is one of the best I’ve seen but sadly the rest is soooo bad it can’t possibly make up for the rest of it.

    Running is painfully slow. If you’re going anywhere I hope you don’t have any plans as it takes about 20 to 30 minutes trying to reach anywhere within the starting city. They you must 20 mins back to the quest giver.

    Oh yeah did I mention that there isn’t a quest log?

    So if you forget what you have to do after the 30 minute run, too bad you have to run back see what you need to do then run all the way back.

    I have never seen such a horribly bad mmo. This one is sooo bad that the developers should be paying you to play it. It’s simply a horrible excuse for entertainment.

    And no you can’t even craft in the beginning area as killing animals near the castle is illegal well just about anything fun is. So unless you like getting chased by guards and losing all your valuables every time you die then this game is for you!

  12. Enalis

    Nick said: “But if you manage to keep playing for 7 or 8 hours of dreadful nonexistent entertainment some random jerk will come up and attack you so they and take everything you’ve played 8 hours to get. But don’t run next to the guards because they’ll attack you to. Because you did something illegal.”

    1. You could have been fighting a monster and a blue player could have jumped in front of your attack. If that happened then you would have turned grey allowing him to attack you. He was a griefer.
    2. Of course if that happened and you ran to a Guard you would have gotten attacked by the Guard because you were grey.

    You also said if you get get mugged then you become a wanted fugitive and the Guards and players can attack you and kill you.

    OK what happened was that the player didn’t mugg you … he planted a stolen item on you turning you grey for having the stolen item.Well the company fixed that . You can no longer plant stolen items on players. Now if a player does try to steal from you you PUSH him while he is doing it and it will turn him grey and then everyone will attack the thief. (push by holding block and while holding block press attack.)
    You really should not bash a game before actually trying to learn some of the game first.

    This game is a rare type game in allowing more freedom and more danger!

    This game also is not going to be exactly the same always because the dedicated developers are always trying to improve it.

    They just had 2 patches in less than 1 month and added 2 new area + optimized areas.
    If you want 1 of the other kind of games that hold your hand, require virtually no brain cells to play, guides you and holds your hand for most of the game, then please, go play 1 of the 3000 mmos that are already out there built for that.

    If you want a game that actually requires you to think, survive, create, go where you want when you want, see 5 players fighting 5 other players you can run up there and start attacking whoever you want.. or watch them all fight till the end then you run up there and kill the last survivor with almost no health..taking everyone’s stuff.. or you can heal the last survivor and make good friends…it’s all up to you! ….Then Try Mortal Online!

    Griefer. A griefer is a player that plays the role of a ruthless killers/thief. They prey on the weakest of weak most of the time.

    To see a lot of griefers watch the Animation called Fist of the North Star A Japanimation made in 1986.

  13. mentalmisfitt

    This game shouldent not be paid for. the GMs are corrupt they ban people for killing guild mates etc

  14. mentalmisfitt

    for killing the GMs guild mates that is

  15. Peter

    Mental, none of the GMs with banning access are even able to belong to guilds. Butthurt people spread rumors.. that’ doesn’t make them true.

  16. Discord fails

    Peter you called someone butthurt and clearly know nothing about GM corruption. It has happened since Beta and still goes on. Many videos and screenshots have been sent to the devs. It’s the reason Steam said they would investigate SV GM practices before considering it for green light. Get a clue,
    educate yourself before throwing around moronic insults.

  17. MO = GOOD GAME?

    Why do you fan boys defend this game so much? It’s so broken and glitched out it should still be in closed alpha testing. Why they even bothered to release it can only tell me that they either, ran out of money, or got greedy.

    In any case, it’s really not my job as the customer to post bugs, report hackers, or explain why a glitch should be fixed to gm and have him turn around and ignore you. You guys should really try some other games out there, some are actual “real” Games not big mess of ideas dropped into a dumpster fill with trash.

    Is Mortal Online worth trying? Well it is F2P so it’s worth trying for anyone with an open mind but, if you’re nit picky about bugs and glitches and getting spawn camped at a starter town…. then don’t waste the space on your hd.

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