Mortal Online has been delayed untill futher notice

Through the Mortal Online forums, Henrik Nystrom, CEO of Star Vault, has announced that the launch of Mortal Online has been delayed. They will announce a final release date at a later time.

"As you know we have been working hard to solve our desync issue within the game to have a proper release of Mortal Online. We have made some progress but we think we have hit the limits on the current version of the network solution we are using. We believed we had the solution before end of March but we now see that this is not possible at the moment therefore we have to postpone the release for another month. We have been working very hard day and night now for some years and finally started to see the goal and release, we just have to put another gear in before we are going to release Mortal Online. Thank you for your feedback and support that helped us to take this important decision.

Both the community and we here at Star Vault agree that we need to have the desync issue solved before we can release Mortal Online. We have decided to upgrade our network solution with Epic Games to improve the overall network structure.
We have already started the merge a week ago which means we are converting all our current features and content into the new structure, this will take some time for us to finish before we can test the result of this with your help in the open beta. We will also fly some of our programmers to the US where Epic Games are located to work within their team to get their fully support on our game and update of the network structure in an efficient way other than distance cooperation. This will improve the speed and quality of us going into the latest build of Unreal Engine and the network solution which should eliminate most of our current issues, both in performance and network wise. While our programmers work directly on the merge and some bug fixing our artists will continue to work on the world, and bring us a few new interest points to Nave. This also means we get the latest build of Unreal Engine which gives us the opportunity to evaluate SpeedTree 5.1 and some other interesting tools."

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