Moonlight Online will features acrobatic characters

Today, IGG has took a closer look at the amazing acrobatics in Moonlight Online and what gives characters the ability to master such jaw-dropping stunts.

If you find you are trapped in a narrow tunnel with deadly spiked floors, you can overcome the challenge by accelerating and executing rapid, powerful jumps from side to side along the walls. Are you trying to track down an elusive beast during a nocturnal hunt? Pursue it with ease by bounding from rooftop to rooftop through the city. If you want to gather the rare herbs growing on the most precarious of vertical cliffs, a few fluid leaps between the sparse branches on the cliff side are all it takes.

Players can perform a myriad of incredible feats in Moonlight Online, but what exactly enables them to do so? Amidst the mysterious lands in the game, such as the great continent of Ansgarde, where vampires, werewolves and humans dwell, there are terrains with less gravity due to inexplicable forces of the supernatural Moonlight universe. The three great races could take advantage of these nearly weightless environments in which their strength and skills allow them to scale vertical surfaces almost effortlessly. Characters could also use special bouncing and leaping abilities in combination with their surroundings and attributes to perform these astounding moves.

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