MMO People becomes beta!


Online Ocigrup proudly presents MMO People, a social networking multilingual service integrated with facebook for MMO (massive multiplayer online) players. Its main goal is to connect gamers. And you can login in with your facebook account without registration.

Users can create complete profiles for their avatars and fill them with all kind of information. Connect them with their friends' and look for old mates and partners. 'Do you remember that guy who helped you to kill the dangerous beast of the dungeon in the middle of the northern forest? He started to play a different game when you changed yours but you can find him in the MMO People network thanks to the linked characters feature'. Also, players can leave a comment on the characters' walls to keep in touch.

Furthermore, users can form or be part of a guild. Guilds can manage public and private events, recruit new members and promote, or demote, them. Be aware of what your guild is planning and try to attend in time.
Moreover, players can leave a comment on the guilds' profiles to contact. 'Are you looking for a new guild in the same server? Do you want to begin a new story within a different game but you don't want to be alone?'.

If you are a massive multiplayer online gamer and you like to socialize through your avatars, be a 'MMO Person'. Visit MMO People in facebook through this link.

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