MLB Dugout Heroes announces a new season has announced exciting events and updates for its online baseball game, MLB Dugout HeroesNew features for the game include: Home Run Derby, cash and in-game items, Welcome Back events and various other updates, including:

Updated Rosters
MLB Dugout Heroes features updated 2010 rosters for all 30 Major League Baseball Teams. Furthermore, users can also access archived former players from the 1990's. Build the ultimate dynasty using your favorite players from the past along with favorite players from the present.

New Cash and In-Game Items
Most of the current cash items in the game have now been converted into in-game items that are available for purchase with NUTs (in-game currency).  Top items available will include advice from a base-running coach, a veteran running coach for batters, advice from a pitch analyst, and a Seal Player.  Players will have many opportunities to receive NUTs throughout the numerous activities in the game.

Home Run Derby
An all-new Home Run Derby contest will determine the best home run hitter in baseball.  Players can hone their home run skills in single player mode or compete with up to five opponents!

"Spring is in the air and that means a brand new baseball season is upon us," said David Chang, EVP of Marketing and Business Development for GamesCampus.  "We are celebrating with some major updates to MLB(R) Dugout Heroes and invite returning players and new players alike to come and check out what the game has to offer."

Check here all you need to know about MLB Dugout Heroes.

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