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Developed by SeedC Inc. for Windows.


MixMaster is a free play monster battle MMORPG. There are over 350 monsters in MixMasters and players will aim to get the strongest posible monster by MIXING 2monsters.
Fight other players to become the best MixMaster inthe world!!


- Fight monsters; Firstly, you must fight monsters and become a master that monsters can be proud to serve. You must show them who are boss is, for them to follow you. Attacking with love and care may increase the chances of monsters becoming your Hench!

- Train monsters; In defeat, these monsters may choose to be servered by you. This is where the real journey begins. All monsters have unique, clan group, attribute, gender and elemental group. Some monsters grow early, some blossom later. No monsters are the same in MixMaster. Train them to strengthen your party.

- Mix monsters; The true fun of MixMaster lies in Mixing monsters. You can mix 2 different monsters to create a totally new stronger monster. With over 350 Monsters, there are plenty of monsters to mix. With incredible number of Mix Formulae, it is up to you to find out the unknown mystery formula!

- Make friends; Best thing about online RPG is that you can maximize your enjoyment by sharing the experience with friends from all around the world. Worldwide Mixmaster is played by over 5million people. You can enjoy the game while making new friends!

- Fight with/against friends; With newly made friends, you can go around killing monster, and even better is fight other MixMasters. There is a Team Battle called The Siege Affair every week, which heats up to choose the best MixMaster to rule the Capital City of magirita.


Mixing is one of the most important aspects in MixMaster. There are over 300 monsters in the game and you have the chance to discover mystery Mix Formulae. Earn that unknown monster and show off to 1000s of other players!


Pentium 3 - 500mhz or faster
Memory 128MB or more
Hard Disk Space 1GB or more
Video Card 8MB or More
DirectX 8.1b or later version

Website: Mixmaster Online

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