The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Checking out the Runaway Class

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A few days ago, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (TMQFEL) has headed into open beta testing, inviting gamers to eventually try out the title and immerse themselves in some good old entertaining castle raiding. They may choose among three distinct classes playable for free: Archer, Wizard and Knight, with the four class of the Runaway only being available to purchasers of a Diamond Pack, which can be bought with real world money.

Runaway shot (1)

The Diamond Pack includes multiple exclusive boosts, items, skins and pets as well as loads of in-game currency that can be spent on monsters and traps. Fortunately, we were privileged with access to such a pack and therefore able to check out the Runaway in person to get to know how this class maintains herself in comparison to the Knight, one of the other classes, we picked earlier for our original first look into the MMO.

The Runaway is a pretty wild lady with a knack for heavy metal, the heavy metal theme being present in all her cloths, gear and accessories. Her initial weapon is a guitar that evolves into a massive scythe with sometimes quite a few very metal features (btw, it’s no coincidence metal heads call a guitar an "axe"!) Her outfit varies from punk/ rock tees and wristbands to hoodies adding to the gothic and grim reaper type flair. She is someone with attitude and her dialogues are all about "kicking your ass" which she yells at mobs, telling them they’re "about to get rocked!"

Runaway shot (2) Runaway shot (3)

The Runaway class skills are in a similar vein, with skills such as "Moshpit", "Headbanger" or "Rebel Yell" offering up lots of possibilities regarding to how this character can be played. We gathered the impression that she deals damage in much more effortless way than the Knight, with her first attack skill being sort of a whirlwind where she spins around striking all enemies in reach. This way, she’s capable of killing quite enormous groups of lower minion creatures in a jiffy. One could argue this is due to the Knight being rather defensive and more of a tank character; the Runaway, however, also has a number of tank skills at her disposal as well.

Runaway shot (7)

The tank skills available to her revolve around a temporary shield that typically debuffs or even also damages her opponents while additional crowd control skills make the Runaway a particularly well-rounded all-rounder. We were able to tackle content up to 3 levels above ourselves (that’s where things began to become pretty challenging though). During our first engagement with King Snottingham, the first NPC boss players encounter, the Knight had us fall on our face mid battle and it took about 10 minutes of kiting and moving in and out to defeat him; with the Runaway we literally ran in, shielded up, killed all the minions and dropped Snottingham in around a minute.

Without playing all available classes up to a certain level to allow them the extensive testing they deserve, we think it is difficult to judge how balanced the Runaway is, or if this class is worth the cash required for a Diamond Pack to get access to her. Throughout the initial gameplay, she most definitely felt strong, both offensively and defensively, in comparison to the Knight, but down the line? Who knows? She unquestionably has the potential to be a strong tank class without too much renouncing her attack power, so she could be a coveted favourite among those players who have access to her.

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