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This game is a mix of classic strategy and involved hero customisation wrapped up in a free to play 2-D browser strategy from the well-known Might and Magic franchise.


Set after the period known as the Dark Messiah cycle, the one they call Urgash has now been set free from the prison that held him and Ashan is ruled over by the demons and the daughters and sons of Asha, the 6 elemental dragons, have now disappeared. Players must group together with their companions and, guided by a powerful prophetess, must find and returned the legendary tears of Asha before the world falls into chaos.


There are a number of game world that are available which can queue to accept a set amount of players, every world consisting of various regions players are able to take control of their own city that lies within one of these areas. Of these regions for zones contain precious minds which will provide needed resources to your city whereas the others are considered open ground. Every territory in a newly discovered region is inhabited by AI troops who must be destroyed before any resources are able to be mined or any buildings construct it upon the available open ground.


There are five available races to choose from, each with their own skills and abilities:

  • Academy - made up of human wizards who control animated constructs and spirit servants, they seek out knowledge above all else and their power is within summoning and light magic

  • Haven - a whole the Empire made up of mediaeval feudal knights, monks as well as elite “Angelic” troops, their magic pools are limited Light and Darkness but their military is exceptionally strong

  • Inferno - chaotic and Demons who years and for personal freedom, theirs is to kill and destroy simply because they are able to, or desire to.

  • Necropolis - once a splintered group from the wizards, the necromancer’s became their own nation that worshipped Asha’s deathly aspects. The armies appear to be weak but with powerful spells from the Schools of Darkness and Summoning they are a formidable faction.

  • Sylvan - at warm with the harmony and balance of the earth is disgraceful people shown cities and machinery and hold their ancient ways close to them and are a solitary people


Each player’s city houses their own hero as well as the players’ own troops, with the construction of specific structures players can take on new heroes, train up extra troops, research spells and many other things. Heroes are able to lead a player’s army into battle, as well as improving minds and building structures in those areas that surround the city. They are also able to raise new cities in distant territories and gain their own XP for performing such tasks, learning new skills and trades as they level up which will in turn increase their performance during battle or directly for the economy of your city.


Resource gathering makes up the primary economy for the game, broken down into common resources such as wood and ore, gold resources and even rare materials such as crystals, gems, sulphur and mercury. Gold is required to recruit new heroes and maintain troops, as well as paying to construct buildings, which also uses the common resources. The available rare material resources are needed for specific magical buildings and also to recruit more elite troops into your armour. As each city is only provided with four mines, although it needed resources must either be looted or purchased, players are able to trade with NPC’s or other players until they have established new cities, which open new mines and in turn become more self-sufficient.


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