MicroVolts Surge announces the Undercover Operation Update

Rock Hippo Productions Lt has announced the launch Undercover Operation the new update for MicroVolts: Surge, which is going to add to the game new weapons like the Espionage Shotguns, Spy-brella Melees and Provocateur Grenade Launchers, a new map: the Tracker Factory, new costumes for your characters, an improved UI, the ability to switch servers and new upgrades.

In addition MicroVolters have new costumes for their characters, like Chic Operative Pandora, Vogue Operative Pandora, Fashion Agent Naomi, Couture Agent Naomi, Artist Kai, Virtuoso Kai,Tight C.H.I.P., Awsome C.H.I.P. and Jimi C.H.I.P.

We also remind you that we're giving away a Red Baron suit for your characters, which you can get from HERE!

Source of information: Rock Hippo Productions press release

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