MicroVolts has launched the new objective-based strategy mode “Bomb Battle”

Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. has launched the new objective-based strategy mode "Bomb Battle" for the cartoon-style MMOFPS, MicroVolts. Together with a new map, new weapons and special events, Bomb Battle blasts into Micro World with a vengeance.

The new mode, Bomb Battle, will have MicroVolters working overtime to prevent the enemy from planting and arming the bomb. Enemy success means it's up to players on the opposing team to defuse the deadly bomb before it blows up.

MicroVolts also introduces a new map, Cargo, a fast-moving 18-wheeler. Also new to the MicroVoltsCapsule Machine are weapons and parts straight from another dimension. New Laser Blades and Laser Rifles are bringing the fight to galactic proportions with futuristic costume parts for both Naomi and Pandora.


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