Mercedes has arrived to MapleStory

Nexon Europe has introduced the new Mercedes hero class for MapleStory in the latest Legends update. As part two of the three part Legends Update series, Mercedes joins alongside the Cannoneers as a new player class in MapleStory. Watch out for part three, coming soon, which will include the third and final hero, the Demon Slayer.

The Queen of the elven race has been bound in deep slumber for centuries but today, Mercedes awakens. As one of the five heroes who sealed the Black Mage, she was cursed to a never-ending sleep as the elves became frozen in time. Before succumbing to the curse, Mercedes sealed her elven home of Elluel. No one could enter while the curse still held sway and now is our chance to break the curse of Elluel. Beginning in the Frozen Fairy Forest of Elluel, Maplers can harness the power of Mercedes exclusive Dual crossbow. Explore the mysterious forest of the elves and discover their hidden powers.

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