Merc Elite unveils its third class: The Tactician

Bigpoint has unveiled today the Tactician, the third of five playable classes in the upcoming browser military MOBA Merc Elite.

 Merc Elite Tactician military moba screenshot 27092013 RW3

The tactician is equipped with several powerful attack and recon drones, allowing you to adapt to any situation and surprise the enemy. Among his skills we have protective shields, grenades, and all sorts of gadgets that allow you to control the field battle. Furthermore, the Tactician can call upon support drones to engage enemies on a smaller scale or fire a kill shot from close range with his pistol.

Merc Elite Tactician military moba screenshot 27092013 RW2 Merc Elite Tactician military moba screenshot 27092013 RW1

As is the case for every class in Merc Elite, users will have a breadth of possibilities for further developing the Tactician. By amassing experience points and reaching a total of 8 various character tiers, dedicated mercs can unlock an additional array of powerful skills as they progress further in the game.

Source of information: Bigpoint press release.

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