Merc Elite: details on the Heavy Gunner class

Bigpoint has just revealed some exclusive details on the Heavy Gunner, the second of five playable classes in the up and coming military-themed MOBA Merc Elite. The free-to-play browser game is scheduled for launch in autumn 2013.

The Heavy Gunner's primary responsibility is to provide cover to his fellow mercenaries. Not the most nimble member of the team, they are indispensable when it comes to defending captured domination points. Their skills allow them to prepare a defensive position, take cover from afar and unleash a hail of bullets on anyone trying to break through the defense. Heavy Gunners have several elite skills at their disposal, such as the "Shock RPG", which releases a single powerful rocket and the "Rocket Barrage", which blasts the target with four missiles at once.

heavy_01 heavy_02 heavy_03

As is the case for every Merc Elite class, players will have a breadth of possibilities for further developing their Heavy Gunner. By amassing experience points and reaching a total of eight character tiers, dedicated mercs can unlock an additional array of powerful skills as they progress further in the game.

Source of information: Bigpoint press release.

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