MechWarrior Online has released today a new patch

MechWarrior Online has released today a new patch which adds to the game new variants of the Highlander Mech. And for fans wishing for high-end preset Mechs to purchase, limited edition “Champion” Mechs are now available for purchase in the Mech Lab. Inspired by fan requests, the first Champion Mech, “Dragon”, comes equipped with a high end fan-assigned load-out fully equipped and optimized for long range dps/heat efficiency.

Also, MechWarrior Online has revealed some interesting details on the game's April content update, which is going to implement the in-game Commanders, Lance Leaders and overall Lance structure. This update is considered the key pre-cursor to 12 v 12 matches which will arrive this spring.

Other new features include new user-friendly UI tips, loading tips, and host state rewind for ballistic weapons all wrapped in a new pattern fans can grab now from the Mech Bay, the Fractal pattern. Additionally, MechWarrior Online will see a leaderboard challenge event hitting on April 19 – 23 of this month, with MechWarrior credit prizes.

Source of information: Infinite Game Publishing press release.

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