Mech Mice presents its stealth recon specialist: Dusty

Mech Mice Entertainment has published a new animated short of its new upcoming browser tactical squad MMO Mech Mice. The video presents Dusty, a stealth recon specialist who is unmatched with the use of the sniper rifle, in addition to the Colonel, a veteran master strategist who leads to the Mech Mice.

Created for fans young and old, , Mech Mice challenges players to build their own squad of “Mech Mice” and help defend their way of life against the invading armies of the villainous Dark Union. Within the world of Mech Mice, fans will engage in a safe community while leading their squads through a series of fun and challenging levels that incorporate turn-based strategy, skill management and the collection of digital action figures.

Source of information: Mech Mice Entertainment press release

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