Master X Master Welcomes a New Character: Titus

Death is no longer an inevitability in MXM with the release of the newest Master, Titus, available beginning today. The latest character addition to NCSOFT’S recently-released MOBA is a pure support character with healing abilities and specializing in team fighting, and is the third new character released since the game launched in June. Also arriving with today’s update is the new game mode, Natium Defense Line, which gives players an incredibly difficult co-op challenge where they will need to defend their base against waves of enemies to climb the leaderboards and earn additional monthly rewards. MXM’s latest update is available now and free to play at

Titus was a scrapper who was captured by slavers and forced to work the mines of a destroyed planet’s remains. During his rescue, a section of the mine caved in and Titus found an ancient shrine to a long forgotten deity. Upon lifting her tome from the altar, he became a vessel of Nura and dedicated his new power to helping others. While not possessing much in the way of offensive abilities, he is a strong support character and a welcome addition for any major group battle. His basic attack can be charged to create a healing field for allies, and his abilities can provide movement speed increases, additional healing, and his ultimate even defies death, granting players a buff that will instantly heal them for 50-70% of their health if it drops to zero while active.

The new game mode, Natium Defense Line, is an end-game co-op challenge for five players. They must guard the Natium Defense Core against 30 waves of increasingly difficult enemies. But it’s not just grit and determination that will bring about victory, as some enemies require specific damage types to be defeated. Coordination, skill, communication and teamwork are the factors that will bring about a successful run, with plenty of rewards.


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