Master X Master Goes Into Closed Beta

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The closed beta for NCSOFT West’s upcoming action MOBA Master X Master (MXM) is now live! Running through 27th April, players can now tag in to the game’s action, including PvE stages, mini-games, several different PvP modes, and much more! Master X Master frees players from the tyranny of mouse movement and allows for full WASD controls and has the unique feature of being able to bring two Masters to the battlefield and being able to swap between the two. The game is completely free to play, and players can now register to sign up and play on the official website.

During the closed beta, players will also gain access to exclusive giveaways, contests and promotions, as well as earn the priceless bragging rights that come with knowing they had a direct influence on the final game which is set to launch this summer.

There are also three Founder’s Packs available to purchase for Master X Master. It is NOT necessary to purchase a Founder’s Pack to get closed beta access, but players who do purchase one during the closed beta timeframe will be able to use the respective contents of whichever pack they purchase. The top perks of each Pack include:

Recruit Pack – £15.99
Masters: Cagnazzo, Taejin, Innowin, Demenos
Skins: Steampunk Innowin, DevKit Innowin
Unique Title: Battle Tested

Solider Pack - £47.99
All the Recruit Pack content plus:
Masters: Jinsoyun, Sonid, Vita, Ignuma
Skin: Inmate Cagnazzo
Starter Kit: Gold Booster T-2 (3 days); XP Booster T-2 (3 days); Auto-Collector (3 days); Life Charger (x3); Noah Recovery Kit (x3); Noah Burst Heal Kit (x3)
Unique Title: Sol Warrior
Name reservation

Master Pack - £79.99
All the Recruit / Soldier Pack content plus:
Masters: Statesman, Vonak, Lilu, Maia, Jingtai, Nedien, Moro
Three Skins: Mobster Taejin, Little Dragon Jingtai, Lifeguard Vonak
Unique Title: Scourge of Atlas
Digital Soundtrack

Founder’s Packs can be used immediately in-game during closed beta. There will be a full server wipe following the test, but players who purchase Founder’s Packs will get a fresh one at launch.


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