Massive Content Update for War Thunder Announced for Spring

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While starting the 3rd and final phase of closed beta testing for Ground Forces, Gaijin Entertainment has communicated plans to release this spring the hugest update to date for War Thunder.

Among the once more increased amount of beta participants are also players who have purchased a War Thunder starter pack and completed the November challenges. As the test is in full swing, the company hopes to introduce player-controlled units with Update 1.39.

War Thunder Ground Forces expansion screenshot (10) War Thunder Ground Forces expansion screenshot (12)

Furthermore, the update will bring tools enabling players to create user-generated content such as their own missions, locations and planes as well as unique camouflage patterns. War Thunder will also receive 18 new aircraft models, including F-086 and F-30 of the Japanese SDF as well as North American F-82 Twin Mustang and MiG-15, which were in service in Germany and Japan during the Korean War era and later.

In addition, pilots will be able to enjoy new special events for Squadrons and Squadron vs Squadron battles. The UI will also receive an overhaul to provide improved crew and control settings as well as faster statistics and map. And finally, the ability to overheat and control heaviness will be introduced to all planes.

War Thunder Ground Forces expansion screenshot (7) War Thunder screenshot (10)

Source of information: Gaijin Entertainment press release.

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