Marvel Heroes welcomes Luke Cage with its patch 1.3

Gazillion Entertaintment has just released the patch 1.3 for its free-to-play Action MMO Marvel Heroes that brings to the roster of the game the near invulnerable Luke Cage, a superhero with super strength, unbreakable skin, and the ability to summon Heroes for Hire teammates.


In addition from now players can now prove that they are the very best with the Prestige Mode, a feature that gives players the option to restart at level 1 for become a Prestige hero, and they will have access to the new Hero Synergy System, that unlocks account-wide synergy bonuses at levels 25 and 50 that can be equipped on any hero, giving players access to more hero customization than ever before!

In addition to all these new updates, in the patch 1.3 Odin himself, All-Father of Asgard, is tasking heroes with new legendary quests, which reward players not only with the best experience in the game but also allows them to craft Legendary Blessings for their artifacts and more!

Source of information: Gazillion Entertainment press release.

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