Marvel Heroes has released its patch 1.11

Gazillion Entertaintment has just released the patch 1.11 for its Action MMO Marvel Heroes that brings to the roster of the game The Human Torch, a superhero able to use a unique combination of flame-based powers, or the possibility to unlock heroes with Eternal Splinters that drop from ememies when defeated.

In addition a new PvE mode has been implemented to the game. This mode called "Midtown Patrol" is a public combat zone open to all levels in 5 level bands, which includes numerous ambushes, themed Supervillain teams and new mobs, presenting a great way for players to find epic loot for their heroes.

Also with th patch, the XP and Drop rates have been raised, every hero has been buffed, the crafting system has been improved, a new pet named Ultron Silver has beed added to the game as well as new skins for Iron Man and Wolverine.

Source of information: Gazillion Entertainment press release.

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