Maplestory has announced its plans to celebrate the Spring

Nexon has announced its plans to celebrate the best in Spring MapleStory. The game will host three special events: the Spring Picnic Event, in which each player is given a special outfit, the Tourist Event, which will reward the player with the bonus stats and new titles, and then every Saturday will be given to players buff all'EXP to facilitate them at the stage of progression.

In addition to these interesting initiatives the game has rewamped the PvP system, since they were included in the many arenas where players can challenge each other. MapleStory has launched a PvP mode that invites the player to enjoy intense fights against other gamers, played out in a special arena and separated depending on level range. The new PvP function comes with a skill revamp for each class. Anyone logging in to MapleStory within the next seven days to change their current Skill builds will receive a free Skill reset.

Finally a mention for PvE, as it has added a new area called Monster Park, which houses several instances inside, joinable from level 13.

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