MapleStory Europe celebrates its third anniversary

MapleStory is today commemorating its third birthday in Europe. In celebration of this milestone, users can expect to be spoiled with a whole host of exciting events and content updates that are certain to get you in the party mood!

The celebrations begin with the Maple Tree Story event, where users can help raise a Maple tree and collect Maple leaves in return. Maple leaves can be exchanged for weapon upgrades, used in the Maple Leaf quests or even combined to make special Maple Syrup! In addition to all this users can obtain a number of special third anniversary items, exclusive to this birthday period. Getting in the party mood MapleStory's GM's will also drop by to launch the GM Event, and last but not least we see the return of the well loved Cake Boss-Mob. Don't be fooled by this giant strawberry sponge, as it's a resilient character that's tough in combat.

The Cake Boss-Mob is not the only enemy players will face in this birthday update, as MapleStory introduces the notorious Davy John and his band of pirates! In a battle to restore peace to Herb Town, players will have to fight off Davy John and his rogues. If that wasn't quite enough to entertain you, then perhaps the infamous Bossmob Balrog will be. Eagerly seeking revenge on his rival, users can attempt to overthrow him and receive exclusive items that can't be found anywhere else.

The birthday also offers the chance to gain an abundance of extra points and bonus items for those skilled enough. Maplestory's new martial arts temple, Mu Lung Dojo, welcomes gamers in to take on challenges over 38 floors and win Mulung Medals for those that they conquer. Also introducing Monster Carnival season two, where users can continue to win rewards whilst battling it out  monster style. As another special birthday gift to eager players MapleStory has revealed their next job class, Aran, coming to gamers later this summer. Maplers who want a sneak preview can have a taste of what's to come.

Besides all these huge content releases, users can also expect to double their EXP for a limited period to gain higher levels. Plus as a special birthday gift to all their players NEXON Europe has also permanently increased the EXP earning rate by 130%! The fun just never ends.

Check here all you need to know about MapleStory. And visit its official website.

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