Major update to GodsWar Online’s mount system


GodsWar Online has recently received a major update to its Mount System. In the latest release, each type of mount includes unique gear exclusive to them, which enhances characters’ stats to varying degrees. Now veteran Greek heroes can saddle up on their favorite mounts and ride off to find adventure.

Mount Upgrade
Now that the new Mount System is up and running, the old Mounts are out of date and must be upgraded. Find the Mount Feeder in the main city to get your old Mounts upgraded. After the upgrade, your Mounts can use the awesome new Mount Gear. You’ll need a special item called a Soul Stone to upgrade your Mount. Higher-ranking Mounts are more than symbols of social status. Their improved stats are well worth the effort to upgrade them.

Mount Gear
The new Mount System also includes brand new looks with 5 categories of Mount Gear now available: Coronet, Armor, Soul, Saddle and Tassels. Once equipped, Mount Gear with non-speed bonus attributes will increase a player’s attributes. Mount Gear with speed bonus attributes will also increase a player’s attributes, particularly movement speed. Players can choose the gear that best fits their needs.

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  1. CBA_Warrior

    plssssss give me mount lion boar and not greek steed meron na ako give me mount plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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