Major update for Dragonica

Dragonica continues to elaborate on the wealth of new content introduced by the biggest content update to the game yet, scheduled for June 2010. Paris Strikes Back features new game modes for all players but also expanded content in existing dungeons and Mission Maps, a revised and improved leveling system and eight brand new classes.

Paris Strikes Back will see the introduction of revised ways to conquer the powerful Van Cliff and Drakos Dungeons, every floor of both dungeons will contain more challenging Elite Monsters. Each dungeon will have three levels of difficulty: Normal, Rare and Hero, allowing the user to fight their battle at a level which is best for them, depending on the enchantments of their equipment. To enable users to prepare themselves before fighting against a Boss Monster, each Boss Monster is now indicated in the revised dungeon map system meaning that so that users will never be lost for a fight again!

The Paris Strikes Back update will also see the introduction of eight brand new jobs, which have been named by the Dragonica community themselves: our new classes of Dragoon, Berserker, Sentinel, Bombardier, Joker, Shadow Walker, Cleric and Chaosmage will be available as soon as players reach level 60 and take the correct quests allowing users to experience 10 levels of brand new skills with the new classes. The new classes will feature some amazing new skills to strike fear into the hearts of players’ enemies.

Finally, the leveling system in Dragonica will also receive an important overhaul with the Paris Strikes Back update. Overall, leveling will be made easier and faster by adjusting and streamlining the quests in starting and mid-level areas. Through the introduction of recommended channels which grant more EXP for every monster kill, and by providing additional experience gain for second, third and fourth characters, users will be able to level more effectively and hunt in parties which are more suited to their levels. Also, the introduction of a new resting bonus EXP system and increase in experience gained by monster kills will improve the gaming experience for all players.

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