Major Content Update for Hero of the Obelisk

Hero of the Obelisk - news

GBE Games announced their plans to release a major content update for their fantasy MMORPG Hero of the Obelisk. In early February, the dungeon-crawler is scheduled to introduce new hero levels, a new PvP arena and an overall upgrade to gameplay.

Featuring lots of storied challenges, PvP mayhem, more than 100 dungeons and with fast-paced action combat, Hero of the Obelisk wants to get even more exciting with the release of its upcoming update. The possibility to bring their heros past level 50 allows players to gain exclusive titles and permanent special wings.

They will moreover be able to explore an entirely new type of dungeon tasking them woth defending a tower for handsome rewards. And for those who are mor into PvP than Pve, the update will also launch a new Arena for avid battlers to duel.

Hero of the Obelisk has already received some improvements,  including a new open field for levels 20 and 50 dedicated to fierce PvPvE combat as well as new and revised skills for most of the classes. Additionally, the highly competitive and all-out war Siege Battle allow up to 200 guild members to fight for the privilege and honor of ruling Trinzel.

Source of information: GBE Games press release.

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