Major content update for Kingdom Heroes

Aeria Games presents a new content update for Kingdom Heroes. The game's level cap has been raised to 150, allowing players to train their characters to unmatched levels of power. Warriors and tacticians alike will have access to new instanced areas across the Three Kingdoms to hone their skills, and new naval vessels and siege weapons to help them triumph during kingdom wars. The increased level cap also opens access to eight new sub-classes, allowing characters to specialize and customize like never before.
Heroes can also now put their knowledge to the test in new Riddle Events now available in-game. This new trivia feature is open to players above level 10, and each round features 30 challenging questions of varying difficulty. Additional experience, gift bags and rare items await those who choose to prove their mental prowess. Players compete to answer the questions, based on movie, music and celebrity topics, as fast as possible. More points are rewarded to the quickest thinkers - and the top riddle masters from the event are rewarded with special tokens redeemable for a great gift bag and other rare items. Players may employ the assistance of three lifelines to help them avert incorrect answers. Additionally, players have three Wisdom Tokens at their disposal, which add bonus points for answering questions correctly.

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