Major Content Update for Eden Eternal

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Aeria Games has just announced the release of a new content update for their free-to-play anime MMORPG Eden Eternal, which introduces 3 new maps, 4 new dungeons and more. The level cap is also raised from 75 to 100.

Eden Eternal_Crystalline Sword Eden Eternal_Demon

In addition to the new maps and dungeons, player can also look forward to an updated racial crafting and new level 80 dungeons. And they are now alble to upgrade their guild to level 10.

Moreover, players may explore Hayward Seavale that has been severely affected by a meteor shower where they will face many new threats. The recently rediscovered Durango Kingdom, an ancient, once lost city, also brings 2 dangerous dungeons: the Iyernafalo and The Kahlo Tower, a magical palace.

Eden Eternal_Flying Monster Eden Eternal_Moonlit Tree

The Eloise Plains constitutes a common route through the knight's realm, and presents another 2 dungeons: the Dark Tide Cave and the Meteor Crater where rare crystal deposits can be found.

Eden Eternal_New Zone Eden Eternal_Sword

Source of information: Aeria games press release.

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