Magic Barrage’s alpha is now live

Magic Barrage - news

Reality Squared Games (R2Games) has announced the Alpha release of their next MMORPG, Magic Barrage. From now players can register an account and play on the official website.

Magic Barrage alpha RW1 Magic Barrage alpha RW2

Developed by Gameguyz, Magic Barrage is a browser-based, free-to-play retro-style MMORPG that mixes elements from the classic dungeon crawlers with features from the bullet hell games, along with a visual style reminiscent of arcade games of the 90's where players will have to fight against countless enemies and epic bosses in frantic action-packed fights directly from your favorite browser (and iOS devices).

In the game you can choose between 8 different classes, and includes the typical MMO features like crafting, pets, PvP and guilds.

Source of information: Reality Squared Games press release.

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