Maestia – Rise of Keledus released today its new content update “Faction War”

Maestia - Rise of Keledus has released today its new content update "Faction War", that will bring to the game epic PvP battles, a Fishing System, a Cannon Mount among other innovations.

Faction Wars brings :

- Faction War - From now on, the followers of the Temple Knights and the Superion Guardians can fight eachother several times per week on the night maps Papyrus, Palus, and Gelian. The faction that controls Relique at the end of 90 minutes wins.

- New Cannon Mount - Players can get the new Cannon Mount, which increases the movement speed by 100% and can fire 4 kinds of cannonballs. Not every class can fire every type of cannonball. balls are available in the (Gold) Lucky Spin.

- Start at Level 50 - Create a new character with the update and you'll be given the necessary equipment to climb to level 50.

- New Fishing System - From now players use fishing rods to catch fish, which can be used to restore Vitality and other mysterious items.

- Pet Accessory System - From now pets have an Accessory Slot in which they can use various items like masks, wings and more.

Source of information: Gravity Interactive press release.

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