Maestia: Rise of Keledus has launched today its open beta

Gravity Interactive, has launched today the open beta of their highly anticipated Maestia: Rise of Keledus. Numerous changes have occurred since the closed beta ended on June 21st. Players are now able to reach level 59, up from 40. Though all past progress was wiped during the preparation for open beta, those who made it to max level during the closed beta retain their character name. To support these additional levels, two new sections of the game are now open, as well as two additional dungeons, both available as normal and expert mode.

The open beta also unveils a vastly improved talent tree for all classes. Abilities have been streamlines into three loose tiers, making it easier for players to distinguish various talent roles. In addition, try out the new Mercenary System, that allows players to  loan out their characters while offline, where other players may hire them for a cost. When the player returns, they will have earned some extra experience and money, courtesy of the mercenary system.

"Maestia's closed beta test was a huge success, and we took the lessons learned from our players and GMs, and are already hard at work on a number of changes we're excited to unveil during the open beta test," said Jay Choi, Chief Operating Officer at Gravity Interactive. "Much like the closed beta, we're opting to keep this test period short and intense, so we can gather feedback from our most loyal players, with the game's official launch not far behind!"

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