Luvinia World supports Typhoon victims


Today we want to report an interesting initiative organized by SOA Games for its Free-to-play MMORPG Luvinia World. As a result of the tragic disaster happened in Philippines because of the Typhoon Haiyan, SOA Games has decided to hold a three weeks of special sales of in-game items in which the benefits will go to the Philippine Red Cross. A noteworthy initiative.


To support the victims of the tragedy, in the coming weeks you can buy:

Protectors Knapsack
15 slot bag not available in game

Original Value: $5.25
SOA Coins: 3,675
Final Sale Price $3.95

Refined Precious Stone Gift Box
You'll get 10 Exceptional Gem - Grade C and 5 Blessed Energy Stone - Grade B

Original Value: $11.50
SOA Coins: 8,050
Final Sale Price $8.50

Ashes of Void Crystal x 1000
Get 5 Pure Ashes of Void immediately after use.

Original Value: $27.50
SOA Coins: 19,250
Final Sale Price: $15.00

The total of the benefits achieved with these special packs will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross, one of the many organizations that are sending help to the victims of the Typhoon.


Source of information: SOA Games press release.

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