Lucent Heart has launched today its new expansion, Stadia

Gamania Digital Entertainment has launched today the new expansion of Lucent Heart, titled Stadia. The expansion brings innovative new features and content to the game. The players can compete against their friends in exciting kart-style races, unlock Acadia’s new race of Tarot Battle Pets, and journey to new zones with epic bosses.

The Stadia expansion includes the following additions:

- Mount Races: Gamania has added a full-featured kart-style racing game to further enhance Lucent Heart’s social gameplay . Players can collect and choose from multiple mounts with varying stats, powerslide their way through five unique tracks filled with fun items, and collect Racing Points that can be turned in for huge rewards.
- Tarot Battle Pets: A new race of Battle Pets have arrived. The Tarot Battle Pets are powerful companions armed with deadly weapons and unique skills. Players can collect these pets as they’re introduced, starting today.
- Additional Content: A significant amount of new content has been added to Acadia including five zones, five tough bosses, high level equipment – even the Dance System has been updated with new moves and songs.

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