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Reality Squared Games has releases a huge content update for their free-to-play beat 'em up MMORPG, Blade Hunter. Players may enjoy brand new systems, quest lines, cosmetic options as well as  a higher level cap and UI enhancements.

Among the newly introduced game systems are mounts and sprites as a specific type of companions. Both come in a wide array of different varieties and can be collected to assemble the perfect team. While mounts grant a faster movement speed and additional combat options, sprites add to the character's stats. Higher-level characters are able to equip several sprites, allowing for deeper build customisation.

Blade Hunter screenshot 2 Blade Hunter screenshot 5

The update moreover introduces a new combat challenge for players: the citadel. Accessable at level 79 via the time portal, it puts player's skills to an ultimate test presenting them with a difficulty even unmatched by nightmare mode. Those who are able to master the citadel will be rewarded with titles and empowering battle medals.

Blade Hunter screenshot 7

Finally, the update also brings wings into Blade Hunter. Players can obtain them for crafting item recipes, completing in-game challenges or as a bonus when buying Diamonds. Regardless of their design, wings give a standard buff, but specific rare types provide additional bonuses. When reaching level 80, players may upgrade their wings to unlock new designs, customise stat bonuses and even reveal hidden abilities.

Source of information: R2Games press release.

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