Lords Online: Designing Instances in Browser-based SLG


Set in the mystical land of Mu, Lords Online is IGG’s latest free browser-based strategy game. RPG elements of the game include instanced content designed to challenge players. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the exciting instances players will encounter when Lords Online goes live, as well as some of the design work that went into creating them.

Diverse Instanced Content

Whether you enjoy surviving a journey into the wilderness, storming enemy strongholds, or raiding a vampire castle, these instances offer a variety of challenges set in compelling locations.


“Perilous Wilderness of the Blue Wolf” takes place in the Wolf Wilderness, a cursed hunting ground on God’s Favor Plain. While the plain is rich and beautiful, the barren Wolf Wilderness is strewn with the bones of animals. The wolf turns its fierce eyes upon all who enter its domain. Can its teeth be far behind?

“Slashers’ Fortress” is the largest stronghold held by the Slashers. Located at the edge of the Mu continent, a stunning cliff provides the perfect backdrop for such a desperate pack of villains.


“Sound from the Nightstalker Vampire” treats players to a bloodthirsty nightmare. Nightstalker Castle is located within the Alec Kingdom. Though its owner used to be one of Alec’s greatest prophets, his contact with the divine did not stifle his greed. Rather than give up his most prized possession, his own life, the prophet performed a dark ritual through which he stole the forbidden secret of immortality. Unfortunately for him and all who enter his home, attaining eternal life came at a terrible price: becoming a vampire.

“Huge Cerberus Army” is every bit as hellish as it sounds. In the depths of the Shaba Kingdom, an outwardly ordinary cave is in fact the legendary entrance to hell. Any who dare walk these dark caverns must contend with a hungry Cerberus army.

“Witch Forest” is a dark place where towering cedars nearly blot out the sun. Among the depths of Shaba Kingdom, witches study their craft amidst a thick layer of fallen leaves and bubbling swamps. The Alec people are forbidden to enter, and many would be wise to heed such prohibitions.

Advanced Technology Support

As a browser-based game, the development team for Lords Online used advanced technology to design the instances, including such crucial areas as server architecture, programming structure, and artistic design.

First they used a framework similar to other MMORPGs to ensure large numbers of players could play at once while still enjoying smooth, high-quality graphics. Next they used ORM and MVP practices to enhance programming efficiency and bring players a rich gaming experience despite being browser-based. Finally the team settled on a graphics style that combines magic and realism to stunning effect. Based on 3D modeling and 2D rendering, the team has achieved a vividly dynamic world.


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