Lords Online: Closed beta


In January, 2010 IGG will be launching the Closed Beta Test of its newest browser based game Lords Online. You can’t afford to miss out on all the excitement and adventure of the most-anticipated game of spring 2010.
Since the launch of the AT on December 3rd the LO Team have received a great many suggestions and opinions from their enthusiastic testers. Lords Online’s month long Alpha Test has now ended and we move into the improved Closed Beta Test phase. During this period our officials will be giving out CB keys xxxx on the official website, mirror sites and so on. To obtain a CB Key, please keep an eye on our official website for the latest news. Activated AT accounts will also eligible to participate in CB test. There’s no need to activate them again.

 You can check here the official Lords Online's forum here to get more details.


You can check here the official Lords Online's forum here. Stay tuned for the latest news and previews in MMOReviews.com.

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