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On December 3rd IGG launched the Alpha Test for its newest game, Lords Online. The purpose of the test is to collect player impressions of the game, find out what needs to be improved, changed or fixed, and remove bugs. One feature that's been getting a lot of attention is the Battle Simulator, which can be used to preview battle results.

Since Lords Online includes a combination of strategy and RPG elements, the unique Battle Simulator allows users to stage mock battles to help with planning their attacks, giving them a chance to anticipate complications that may arise in a real battle, as well as possible consequences.

Players are easy to activate the Battle Simulator in Beacon Tower in the game.There are actually three ways to conduct battles: hero PVP, slaying monsters and siege wars. Using the Battle Simulator in combination with the scouting function, players can meet the challenges of these situations both forewarned and forearmed.

When your hero must slay monsters on the outskirts of your territory, the Battle Simulator can give you advanced knowledge of a creature’s abilities and weaknesses. As a lord, you should first scout the types and quantities of monsters in an area, and then conduct combat exercises in the Battle Simulator. With the simulator you can select the kind and size of army you want to dispatch, and then enter details about the opposition’s army to see what might happen when the two forces meet. If the result is a victory, you may wish to engage the real enemy head-on. Then again, if the result is a defeat, you may wish to avoid such a battle and save your troops for a future encounter.

In the hero PvP and siege war modes, the Battle Simulator is also helpful. After scouting information about your opponent, such as hero level, troop quantities, fortifications, and so on, a lord can use the Battle Simulator to calculate potential results. This information can be a very effective reference for making decisions about troops needed or what types of hero spells might be most effective.

Since both opposing sides can use the Battle Simulator, lords can't fully depend on the results, leaving open the possibility of unforeseen developments. Successful lords will use the simulated results to help with planning, but be ready to improvise or call upon different strategies as the battle progresses. The size of an army or power of a hero can only accomplish so much. It is up to a lord to use their cunning and wisdom to help them achieve victory. Frequent use of the Battle Simulator to hone one’s tactics can only enhance a player’s chances of triumphing over their adversaries.

You can check here the official Lords Online's forum here.


You can check here the official Lords Online's forum here. Stay tuned for the latest news and previews in MMOReviews.com.

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  1. jujmjjujmj

    How do I actually do the battle sim? It doesn’t work, on the beacon tower, its all gray and blank and you cant slick on it. I’ve tried F8, but it doesn’t work either, please tell me how to use it.

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