Lords Online: Alpha beta accounts giveaway


IGG is very proud to announce the Lords Online Alpha Test will begin at 9:00 EST (GMT-5) December 3rd 2009. It is an elaborately designed combo set of strategy and RPG elements, which has been deemed the next generation in browser based gaming. To ensure an active and diverse Alpha Test group, IGG will be giving out Alpha test accounts to every player that wants to join in the fun.

To find out who is truly worthy of becoming a Lord of the land, IGG officials will be giving away AT keys as part of forum events. Interested? Getting in on the action is simple, just visit http://lo.igg.com/questionnaire/ to join.

Breaking the typical MMO mold, this new game incorporates an SLG style more suited for browser-based games. Set amidst an elaborate medieval-style land in constant conflict, Lords Online features a high degree of freedom in gameplay choices, encouraging creative battle tactics and kingdom management.

The game provides two map modes for players to choose from: Lord mode and Hero mode. Those who love the detached SLG style can use Lord mode and focus their attention on city development and arms coordination, while those who prefer RPGs can choose Hero mode and experience epic adventures. Lords Online encompasses a variety of heroes and battles, providing far more choices for players. Whether the heroes are excellent at managing city or leading armies, each can directly influence the development of the kingdom.

You can check here the official Lords Online's forum here.


You can check here the official Lords Online's forum here. Stay tuned for the latest news and previews in MMOReviews.com.

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