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Developed by DACN for Windows.


Loong is a free-to-play 3D online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in ancient China. Heavily based in Chinese mythology, Loong offers beautiful scenery and exciting combats whether you prefer PvE (player vs. environment) or PvP (player vs. player). Loong also offers epic PvP battles with up to 500 players fighting at the same time. PvE players will have hundreds of quests to solve, traveling to many different cities and areas, each with their own flare and history.


Loong takes place in Ancient China and is heavily rooted in Chinese mythology. Player will meet important historical figures which they can choose to help, or hinder. Cities and regions were also based on historical and legendary places. Some pets and mounts were based on mythical Chinese creatures, as were many weapons and equipments.

Many of the original Chinese names were kept so that players might learn a bit of Chinese history as they play along. Each faction, for example, is named after very important leaders and people of China.


There are no classes in “Loong”; you are free to choose where to spend your skills points in the Skill Trees. But it is important to remember that you can only put points in three of the trees, two weapon trees and the Battle tree.

At each level after level 10 you will receive skills points. These can spend spent in your skill window. The decisions you make here will affect your gameplay style as well as which weapons you will use. If you plan on being a melee only fighter, putting points in bows and magic will not give you any benefits. Before level 30 you can reset your skills points at any time with items received from quests. Feel free then to test and try a variety of combination before you choose one which suits you best.

There are a total of seven weapons, sword, sabre, polearm, bow, zither, glove, and totem. The glove and totem are unique in that you can use them for all three magical talent trees. The other weapons all have a specific, and extensive, talent tree.


Certain active skills will not cause any physical harm to your enemies, but rather raise your own power or lower the power of an enemy. Buffs are positive active skills which you can use on your character or, if indicated, on a team mate. Some buffs are permanent, other have a limited duration. Debuffs are negative effects which can be cast on an enemy. A debuff will have a limited duration, but can drastically decrease your enemies attributes, weapon skills, or speed.


Crafting in Loong will give you experience as well as valuable items or upgrades. There are 10 available crafting skills, of which you can learn 3. Skills can be levelled up the more you use them. All of these skills are currently at level 1, and all of them have 0 experience.

Just like other skills, certain crafting skills are active, while others are passive. The “Collecting” skill is passive; it will not open any window if clicked on or do anything special unless you are in front of a collecting node. The skill tooltip will let you know which nodes can be harvested with the skill you chose.


You can acquire various useful items, pets, armors and fashion sets by visiting the Dragon Market. The advantage of the Market over the normal NPC or player merchants, is that you can access it from anywhere in the game, which is very useful it you suddenly run out of potions in the middle of a dungeon. To buy item at the Dragon Market you need special gold which you will either need to buy on the official website, or buy from the in-game “Gold Trade”. You can exchange in-game money for Dragon Market gold through the “Gold Trade”.


Your pets and mounts are a very important part of your character. They save you time and trouble by picking up items for you, can save your life by feeding you potions and carry you over great distances. There are a variety of pets in the world and all of them can learn different skills to assist you.

Your pet can wear special equipment which can boost its abilities. To equip an item on your pet, simply summon the desired pet at your side, and right-click the item from your Bag Window. The equipped item will then be visible in the Pet Window. Your pets can also learn a variety of skills. Most pets will have one or two basic skills as soon as you summon them for the first time, but they acquire more skills over time. To learn more about how to teach your pet skills, see the “Secondary Pet Window” section below.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: 2.4 Ghz Intel P4 or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 4 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce 5200 / Radeon 9550

Website: Loong

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