Looki has released the teaser trailer of Wargame 1942

Looki has released a teaser trailer of Wargame 1942. The game takes place during the second World War and you are the best hope for obtaining a victory. Fight for what is rightfully yours and eliminate what stands in your way. Use your army to fight against thousands of different players or use your diplomatic skills to influence the world politics and write yourself into the history books.

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  1. John Q

    Looki also have Desert operation on many servers and they are NOT taking care of the players.
    Looki only care about the players to buy diamonds and do not care if Desert operation doesn´t work correctly.
    The game Desert operation is on many servers and many languages. On most servers Looki have upgraded the trade so that you can not buy at a low price and then sell at high prices. But NOT in the Swedish server, this means that new players are cheating and are being boosted by the older players with plenty in the bank. In this way, the new players have as much money as the players who played in maybe a year but not cheated.

    What are Looki doing about it? NOTHING!!!

    Looki have a useless support that only respond is “I Will Investigate the account. Thank you for reporting it to support”. And then they do nothing about it.

    The person responsible for the Swedish server at Looki is John Soberany (john.soberany@nextidea.de), doesn´t care. He knows about the problem but do nothing about it!

    One can wonder if John and his UK support also play desert Operation and in the alliances that are cheating….?

    Be careful to join Wargame1942 because Looki is a crappy company!

  2. Somebody

    The Wargame 1942 Admin on the US server reads the players in game mail. They lock your account with out providing proof of wrong doings in the game. They ignore requests for proof of a violation. This is a blatant abuse of power by the game admin. If you don’t want to be treated poorly by the people who are supposed to help you while playing the game, play a different game.

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