Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta has presented the cinematic opening for the Turga race

Aeria Games, has presented the opening cinematic for the Turga race, one of the three playable races in Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta. The Turga live in a meadow in the north of the continent and have a distinct lion-like appearance. Simple and honest as they are, with deep faith and brute strength they intend to be born again as a supreme ruler of the meadow. Since ancient times the savage Turgas ruled the Tumbara Plain and have lived their lives in battle. From childhood, little Turga mimicked the battle games of the adults with wooden weapons - their uncomplicated lives centered on discipline, honor, and willpower.

Competing to claim the Turgas’ homeland, the Keigers have instigated vicious wars and caused the loss of countless Turga fighters, much of their honor and most of their land. During the third war, the Turgas mustered a final, heroic charge and managed to reclaim their capital, Karakunta, but at a great cost. When rumors of Lime began spreading, many saw opportunity in capturing this all-powerful fruit for their own means, to help reclaim the West Tumbara Plains.

The Turga begin their journey in the West Tumbara Plain of North Orta. Home to the Turga’s primary trading hub of Karakunta, these barrenness plains are not for the weak of heart. Buried in the lofty mountains of this town lies the first dungeon, Talunvara Canyon, accessible to all players. Lime Odyssey is currently in production and will be published in North America by Aeria Games in 2012.

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