Lekool announces Seven Seas Saga

Seven Seas Saga - news

Lekool has announced the launch of the first server of its new browser-based Pirate MMORPG Seven Seas Saga. In the game, set in medieval Europe, players can command of a ship embodying a pirate or a merchant, and conquer the Mediterranean Sea trading, fighting other players in exciting maritime battles and hunting legendary pirate treasures. Players can build and upgrade their ships, hire ship crew and assign them to various important roles.

7seassaga RW2 7seassaga RW3

Main Features:

  • Daily and Weekly Story Quests

  • Create your own ship: Build a ship and upgrade the cabins, equip it with cannons, rams, armor plates and crew.

  • Guilds, Associations, and Country contributions

  • Awesome Graphics and easy to understand interface.

  • Many famous fictional ships as world bosses.

7seassaga RW4 7seassaga RW1

Source of information: Lekool press release.

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