Launch date for Mech Mice reveiled

Hyper Hippo Productions has officially announced that the studio's first game in development, Mech Mice, is scheduled for launch on October 8 on browser, followed by a mobile launch shortly after. Developed by Club Penguin creator Lance Priebe, the sqaud-based tactical game has already attracted over 6,000 active beta users.

In celebration of the upcoming launch, Mech Mice Entertainment has released the third animated short for Mech Mice, featuring Torq, a spunky engineer with a big heart and an even bigger wrench that she uses to tune the Mech units that are a signature of the game. The Mech is an exomouse power armor suit fitted with rapid fire anti bug suppressors and high impact plasma cannons with enough power to bring down the Dark Union's "insectoid engines of destruction."

Source of information: Hyper Hippo Productions press release.

Mech Mice - logo640


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